Digimarc® for Images

Manage, monitor and monetize your digital photos, images and artwork.

Digimarc® for Images allows you to embed imperceptible, persistent digital watermarks into your images to communicate ownership and other information — wherever the images travel across the Internet. We offer different editions to meet your specific needs:


Simply communicate your ownership information and usage rights for your images, enabling prospective buyers to locate you. Digimarc Search Service is not included.
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For individual photographers and image creators with up to 2,000 images per year. Digimarc Search Service is included to help you locate where your images are being used online.
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High volume embedding options and seamless integration with your existing workflow. Add LicenseStream for automated licensing and royalty settlement.
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Since 1996, the Digimarc plug-in has been the only 3rd-party utility pre-installed in Adobe Photoshop.

Communicate Your Ownership and Help Potential Buyers Find You

A digital watermark embedded in your image carries a unique ID and can link to contact information or a website for viewers interested in learning more about you or purchasing your artwork. The watermark stays with your image regardless of the path it travels across the Internet. No matter where your digital image ends up, others will be able to determine your copyright ownership and find you.

Whether you're a photographer, artist or web designer, or a business managing large volumes of digital assets, Digimarc for Images offers added protection for your digital image portfolio. The digital watermark persists through file copying, format changes, encryption and decryption, as well as image manipulations such as editing, cropping, compression and decompression — all without affecting the quality of the image or the enjoyment of its viewers.

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