Digimarc® for Images Enterprise Edition

Manage, monitor and monetize your digital assets.

Many companies and organizations, including Corbis, Microsoft, the Smithsonian Institution, Sony and others rely on Digimarc® for Images to communicate ownership of their content, find where their images are being used online, and provide valuable business intelligence regarding their digital image assets. Now, by adding LicenseStream, you can effectively monetize your images with automated licensing, royalty settlement and renewals.

Ensure those interested in your company's images can easily find you

You're in business to make money from your valuable image assets. The Enterprise Edition workflow adds an imperceptible digital watermark to your digital images, allowing communication of copyright information and usage rights, and tracking where and how they are being used. The solution identifies sites where your images are found online, and helps others locate and contact you when they want to learn more about your images.

Fully monetize your images and establish new sources of revenue

Add LicenseStream to Digimarc for Images and further monetize your images by automating the costly process of content licensing, royalty settlement and renewals. The solution optimizes your content for search as it is published to the web so that anyone can find and license your images with the click of a mouse. This, in essence, turns your digital content into a storefront online. You reduce the inefficiencies of traditional content distribution methods and improve your profits, all with minimal resources and upfront investment.

Ensure information about your images is permanently attached to them

Digimarc for Images communicates image ownership persistently through copying, manipulation, editing, cropping, compression and decompression, encryption and decryption — all without affecting the quality of the image or the enjoyment of consumers. With images traveling at lightning-speed across the Internet, you want to be sure your ownership and contact information remains permanently attached regardless of where they may end up.

Know that your images are being used at the right time and in the right context

Digimarc helps you protect your images, and associated revenues and brand(s), by giving you the power to track when, where and how your image assets are being used on the Internet. This is especially important when you must manage distribution and usage of images to dealers, distributors, agencies, remote sales offices and more. Digimarc helps you protect against the use of obsolete images as well as early leaks of embargoed images for new product announcements.

Gain valuable market intelligence about the use of your images

The Digimarc Search Service provides monthly reports showing where and how your images are being used online. Information about who is viewing your images, what they are most interested in and where they are accessing them can be used to enhance targeted marketing and promotional campaigns and boost sales.

Stop or collect royalties from unauthorized use of your images

When the Search Service locates sites using your images without your prior knowledge or permission, you choose from a range of remedies, including ensuring you are rightly paid for the use of your images through LicenseStream. The solution provides an easy, automated way to:

  • Legally license the image under your terms and conditions
  • Authorize use the of image providing it is linked back to your web site
  • Issue a takedown notice
  • Initiate a collections process where appropriate

Ensuring the Success of our Business Partners

Digimarc provides its licensees and partners with access to a large and growing intellectual property portfolio that spans the breadth and depth of innovation in digital watermarking and content identification. We work closely with our licensees and partners to help foster and accelerate the growth of watermarking applications and ecosystems. We also offer development services and technology building blocks, including software developer kits (SDKs) that help development teams build a wide range of applications and market-leading solutions.