Digimarc® for Images Professional Edition

Please note: Photoshop or Photoshop Elements is required to use the Digimarc for Images Basic or Professional Edition.

Communicate your copyright information

Digimarc standalone reader pictured above.

Now including the Digimarc Search Service!

If you're passionate about your work, this is the service for you — at a great price. Our popular Digimarc Search Service makes it the perfect introduction to Digimarc® for Images.

Communicate Your Information Everywhere Your Images Travel

A digital watermark with a unique owner ID is the foundation for protecting your digital images. Imperceptible to the eye, Digimarc’s covert watermarks:

  • Communicate ownership and usage rights via the Digimarc website, Digimarc standalone reader, Adobe Photoshop , or a URL of your choosing.
  • Carry your information without affecting the visual integrity of your photographs.
  • Let viewers link back to you for licensing or questions.
  • Let you track your images' usage across the Internet.
  • Are easily detected with Photoshop or the free Digimarc Reader for Images software.

Know Where Your Images Appear Online

The Professional Edition now includes the Digimarc Search Service, which constantly crawls the web, scanning billions of images each year to identify digitally watermarked images. The service helps you to:

  • Know where your images are being used on the web.
  • Ensure you are fairly compensated for the use of your pictures.
  • Better manage your brand online.

You have unlimited access to online reports about where your images are found with the Digimarc Search Service.

Account Management

We've enhanced our account administration page to make our service even more intuitive and easier to use.

  • Review at a glance your account information, status updates and promotions.
  • Every time you log in, you'll see how many of your digital images have been found and where.
  • Change preferences for what data and web lookup information your digital images should carry.
  • Get the latest tools for image protection, software and advice on keeping your portfolio secure with the Tech Toolbox.
  • Download a Digimarc web button for your website, telling others that your photos are protected.

Account management made easy

Additionally, email support is readily available for any questions regarding the use of your subscription.

Digimarc for Images — Basic Edition

Maybe you just want to rest easy knowing your contact information will persist with your images, regardless of manipulations they may undergo and distances traveled online. The Basic Edition allows you to communicate your ownership information and usage rights for your images, enabling prospective buyers to locate you. This service enables digital watermark embedding only, without the added benefits of the Digimarc Search Service.

Sample Digimarc for Images workflow