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Digital Watermarking Embedder Plug-in

Since 1996, the Digimarc® for Images plug-in has been the only third-party application pre-installed in Adobe Photoshop, widely used by photographers, artists, designers and agencies to communicate ownership without affecting the quality of the image or the enjoyment of its viewers.

This free plug-in reads and embeds Digimarc for Images digital watermarks. With a valid subscription, you'll be given a unique identifier that links your digitally watermarked images back to you.

Please note this is for the Digimarc for Images product only. Are you a Digimarc® Discover customer looking to Digimarc-enable print material? If so, click here.

Download the Digimarc for Images Plug-in

The Digimarc for Images plug-in is already installed with your version of Adobe Photoshop. However, if you have an older version of Photoshop, you may download the latest plug-in here. First check below to see if you have the most current plug-in available. After choosing your computer type, operating system and software, click the "Check" button.