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"Wow! This is more than a really good cookbook; it's a delightful interactive experience. With nothing more than a phone in your hand, you get a plateful of culinary school wisdom, timesaving tips, and menu planning."
- Rebecca Lang, Cookbook Author and Food Writer, Quick-Fix Southern and Around the Southern Table

Introducing the next generation of the printed word.

Building on successes with the magazine industry, Digimarc® Discover’s print-to-mobile technology is being adopted by the book industry to extend and enhance reader experience with print. With Digimarc Discover, readers need only point their smartphone at a digitally watermarked image, branded design element or text area to be instantly connected to related online content.

The Digimarc Discover platform gives book publishers the ability to easily extend reader engagement with a full range of multi-sensory experiences:

  • Printed content comes-to-life with video, photo slideshows, etc.
  • Simplify the reader’s ability to share content via social media networks.
  • Give readers access to additional and/or updated content.

Featured Success

In September 2012, MyRecipes.com, Time Inc.'s popular food and recipe website, released their first-ever cookbook "America's Favorite Food" ($24.95, 288 pages, Oxmoor House). This cookbook was truly the first of its kind in more ways than one. It was the first cookbook to incorporate Digimarc Discover technology to bridge people's love of traditional printed cookbooks with related online content, such as how-to videos, bonus recipes, shopping lists and more.

How it works

Think of digital watermarks as invisible barcodes. Rather than incorporating a visible QR code or Microsoft Tag into your layout, you embed imperceptible digital information in pictures or behind text, creating an invisible hyperlink from the printed page to online content. Readers can't see digital watermarks, but they are easily detected by our smartphone cameras. Unlike barcodes and tags, digital watermarks do not occupy valuable space on the page nor do they negatively impact the layout or design aesthetics.

Examples of how the
Examples of how the "America's Favorite Food" cookbook educated readers and highlighted enhanced content.

Digimarc Discover offers an easy and affordable way to embed digital watermarks into articles, photos, features and ads to facilitate mobile engagement. You can embed watermarks through our Online Services Portal or by using the Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in. With either option, the embedding is easily integrated into your existing publishing workflow.

You can direct readers to download the free Digimarc Discover app (also available as a branded app) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or you can build your own custom app using our software development kit (SDK).

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