Try It Yourself with Our Demonstration Materials

These examples demonstrate how various forms of media can connect your device with the online world.

In addition to the print and audio samples provided here, you may create your own interactive print and audio content.

First, download and install the Digimarc® Discover app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Instructions for Testing Digitally Watermarked Print

  1. Select a PDF from the choices to the right and print on your inkjet or color laser printer using the best quality settings.
  2. Open the Digimarc Discover mobile app. Select the “Discover” mode by tapping the circle “d” Digimarc Discover icon. Aim your device's camera at the center of the image, not the watermark indicator. The app works best in well-lit areas, but you can use the LED flash feature with newer devices.
  3. Hold the device steady about 4"-7" (10-18cm) from the image and parallel to the page.
  4. Watermark detection should be instant. If not immediate, slowly move your phone toward or away from the image.


You may also read the digital watermarks in the PDF(s) directly on your monitor screen, without printing. Please note the wide variance of monitors may affect this demonstration. Here are a few considerations if your attempt to read the digital watermark in the onscreen image is unsuccessful:

  • Follow the instructions for printed material above, pointing your device's camera at the monitor instead of a printed image.
  • If you have a lower resolution monitor, you may need to hold your camera phone at a distance greater than 6 inches. If you have a higher resolution monitor, try less than 6 inches. Adjust your distance from the screen until you have a successful detection.
  • Please ensure your monitor is not stretching images and changing the aspect ratio.
  • If you have a widescreen monitor, make sure you are using a true widescreen resolution recommended by your system, in proportion to your physical screen size (examples: 1680x1050, 1152x864, 1280x960).

Instructions for Testing Digitally Watermarked Audio

  1. Play a video below and ensure the audio is heard from your desktop speakers; unplug your headphones. If using a laptop without external speakers, turn your volume up.
  2. Select the “Discover” mode of the app by tapping the circle “d” Digimarc Discover icon. You will know you have the microphone enabled by the multi-colored bar at the top. If you do not see this bar, please go to the system settings for your device and change the permission to allow Digimarc Discover to access your device’s microphone.
  3. Direct your device’s microphone toward one speaker or the other and try not to obstruct the microphone with your hand. The app will automatically present the discoveries found on the Discover screen.

Interactive Television

Follow along with the characters onscreen! Our Shoppers Journey video is audio watermarked throughout. Experience multiple audio watermark interactions along every step of the way.

You will see a combination of Digimarc-branded payoffs and demonstrations of real and fictional content as experienced by the characters from the video.

Radio Commercial

See (and hear) how a broadcast advertisement becomes an interactive portal for customer engagement. Identical versions of this could play in multiple markets, each with a unique interaction.

You will see a demonstration of a fictional brand offering a special discount to listeners.

Multiple Channels

Engage with multiple watermarks; hold your device near your left speaker, then the right. This is an example of how audio watermarking could be used in environments with multiple speakers, such as retail locations.

You will see a demonstration of a fictional retail store offering different promotions to shoppers in separate departments.

Create Your Own Interactive Content

Learn about online embedding and see how easy it is embed digital watermarks into your own printed materials.