Digimarc® Discover for Direct Mail

Deliver a whole new dimension of enhanced, interactive content on the device we all carry with us 24/7 – our smartphones.

Brands, agencies and marketers spend millions of dollars a year on direct mail campaigns. The vast majority of these mailers include web addresses to corporate sites and/or unique landing pages for the recipient to get more information. How many times do these mailers get placed in a stack or stuffed into a catch-all drawer for later? Probably more often than we think.

With Digimarc® Discover, the printed mailer can include a direct print-to-mobile hyperlink to the online content. Using their smartphone, the recipient can point the camera at the image or text block and be instantly connected to related online content.

Worth noting, digital watermarks also offer the ability to identify unique instances of content. For example a direct mail campaign that spans several geographic regions could appear the same; however, unique digital watermarks could be embedded for each region to gauge response rates. Regional traffic can also be measured via our online tool's reporting features.

Direct mail example: Western region

Direct mail example: Eastern region

(Identical except digitally watermarked image links to regional specific content. )

How it works

Think of digital watermarks as invisible barcodes. Rather than incorporating a visible QR code or Microsoft Tag into your mailer, you embed imperceptible digital information in pictures or behind text, creating an invisible hyperlink from the print to online content. Unlike barcodes and tags, digital watermarks do not occupy valuable space nor do they negatively impact the layout or design aesthetics.

Digimarc Discover offers an easy and affordable way to embed digital watermarks into articles, photos, features and ads to facilitate mobile engagement. You can embed watermarks through our Online Services Portal or by using the Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in. With either option, the embedding is easily integrated into your existing publishing workflow.

You can direct readers to download the free Digimarc Discover app (also available as a branded app) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or you can build your own custom app using our software development kit (SDK).

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