"’The High/Low List’ is one of the magazine’s most popular features each month. Our readers love the great deals we find, and Digimarc Share will make it even easier for readers to shop for those must-have products and share them with friends via social media."
- Sara Peterson, Editor-in-Chief, HGTV Magazine (Press Release)

An example of a branded Digimarc Share page for HGTV Magazine:
Additional social media options and functionality are available. Please contact us for details.

A simple solution for sharing printed articles, images and products via social networks.

Introducing Digimarc Share

Publishers and brands around the world are successfully using Digimarc® Discover to serve up print-to-mobile experiences for their consumers directly from the printed page. By simply embedding an imperceptible digital watermark into an image, branded design element or text area, consumers can quickly access related online content with a simple scan of the article or product of interest. With the launch of Digimarc Share℠ the gap between print and social media disappears by enabling consumers to easily tweet, post, and pin content of interest whenever and wherever they want. Digimarc Share also enables consumers to easily follow their favorite brands on the different social media platforms and purchase products all from the printed page.

Digimarc Share, part of the Digimarc Discover platform, is a managed service that empowers publishers and brands to incorporate print into their online social media campaigns. Online editorial and ads are already being shared via email and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Why should we treat print differently? Thanks to Digimarc Share, we no longer have to.

It's Simple to Share

Once the publisher or brand has determined what print content they wish to make shareable and on which social networks, Digimarc takes it from there. Working closely with the customer, Digimarc will:

  1. Build a branded, mobile-optimized landing page for each unique Digimarc Share service.
    The branded landing page can include a featured sponsor’s ad providing additional ad revenue opportunities to the publication. With HGTV Magazine, Fiat sponsored the campaign.
  2. Test and verify that each service works flawlessly.
    Once readers share enabled content, their Share now links back to the publisher's online presence for additional engagement opportunities, the retailer's website for online purchase, or any other online destination.
  3. Provide a monthly report outlining consumer engagement metrics by social network. 

Get Started Today!

Interested in using Digimarc Share in your print content? Please contact us directly at +1 800 DIGIMARC or email share@digimarc.com.

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