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"We believe digital watermarking of print ads can provide great value to our advertisers. The technology will give our Portland-area readers the ability to take immediate action on the local products, events and services they are most interested in."
- Barbara Swanson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Oregonian
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Give readers the interactive, multimedia experience they want directly from printed articles and ads.

More people than ever are turning to a variety of media platforms to access local news. While the newspaper is still considered the top source of information about local topics like crime, politics, events and schools, the mobile channel is becoming increasingly important for the kinds of information that connect consumers with local businesses and advertisers.

  • 90% of U.S. smartphone owners use their phone to access local information.
  • After looking up local content, 87% have taken action, including making a purchase, calling a business or service, visiting a business, or looking up a business on a map to get directions.*

Digimarc® Discover transforms ads and editorial content in printed newspapers into compelling interactive experiences. Readers point their smartphones at an ad or article that interests them and instantly retrieve a menu of related content, including story updates, photo galleries, videos and opportunities to share with friends. It’s engaging, it’s effective and it’s measurable.

The Digimarc Discover platform allows newspaper publishers and news organizations the ability to easily enhance reader engagement with a full range of multi-sensory, online content and activities:

  • Bring emotionally charged content-to-life through multimedia – videos, photo slideshows, etc.
  • Deliver ongoing, timely updates on developing stories.
  • Initiate a dialogue with readers and extend the conversation to their social networks.
  • Create premium advertising opportunities that enable readers to take immediate action.
  • Give readers instant access to additional information about a story or product at the moment of peak interest.

How it works

Digimarc IDs can’t be detected by the human eye, and can be embedded into all kinds of media — packaging, retail signage, circulars, catalogs, in-store audio, etc. — to create an imperceptible connection with interactive, online content. Readers can't see the digital watermarks that power a Digimarc ID, but they are easily detected by our smartphone cameras. Unlike barcodes and tags, Digimarc IDs do not occupy valuable space on the page nor do they negatively impact the layout or design aesthetics.

Digimarc Discover offers an easy way to embed and test a Digimarc ID in print or audio to facilitate mobile engagement. You can embed Digimarc IDs into print and audio content through our Digimarc® Discover ID Manager or by using the Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in. With either option, the embedding is easily integrated into your existing publishing workflow.

You can direct readers to download the free Digimarc Discover app (also available as a branded app) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or you can build your own custom app using our software development kit (SDK).

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White Paper

Benefits of Digital Watermarking for the Publishing Industry
Watermarking-based solutions enable rich media experiences from print, as well as improve the management and monetization of digital image assets.


*Google study, “Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & the Mobile Marketer,” 16 June 2011; “A Mobile Shopper Research Study,” Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide, 2011.