"One of the unique selling points of Digimarc's digital watermarking platform is the superior user experience and its imperceptibility to the human eye — there is virtually no impact to the overall layout and aesthetics of the editorial content or advertisement."
- Maura Randall, Digital Managing Director,
Lucky Magazine
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The Digimarc® Discover ID Manager is the hub to transform static print media and audio campaigns into interactive opportunities that extend the reach of your brand.

The web-based service is for retailers and brands, publishers, audio engineers, their advertisers and anyone else who wants to connect a printed image or audio track to enhanced, dynamic content in the digital world. Detectable by today's most popular mobile devices — digitally watermarked content triggers access to a wide range of new, rich media experiences to mobile readers and consumers.

The benefits of digital watermarking with our service

The use of Digimarc IDs and digital watermarking offers a premium user experience over other technologies such as 2D barcodes, QR codes, or audio fingerprinting technology. In publications that feature multiple items or products on the page, each image can be uniquely watermarked, allowing consumers to obtain information on specific items of interest. For broadcasts in different markets, unique interactions can be delivered based on location, time zone, etc. There is no impact to layout or sound mix.

Digimarc IDs are able to uniquely identify each instance of a piece of content. This allows for very granular reporting and metrics, essential to large, global campaigns using multiple publications, on multiple days, in multiple locations. Content owners, brands and advertisers can track interaction with content and advertising in real time, enabling ongoing refinements and changes to payoffs to increase response rates and improve the consumer's experience.

How it works

The Digimarc Discover ID Manager is where you can embed imperceptible digital watermarks into images, behind text, and now in audio files without additional software. Anyone can quickly set up an account in the ID Manager. Once you have registered an account and logged in, it's easy to create and manage projects and Digimarc IDs. Setting up a Digimarc ID can be completed in minutes with very little impact to your workflow.

To support the ID Manager, Digimarc has deployed a robust online computing system that communicates with your device when a watermark is detected. The system matches the URL(s) associated with specific Digimarc IDs and returns the experience within seconds, while capturing metrics for each instance of user engagement.

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