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Digimarc Barcode: Quantitative Model and ROI Calculator

Digimarc has published a white paper and associated ROI (return on investment) calculator intended to help retailers quantify potential labor cost savings from adopting the Digimarc Barcode.
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Marketing Barcode Model
Digimarc Barcode Quantitative Model White Paper Overview

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Digimarc Discover Getting Started Guide
Digimarc® Barcode
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Digimarc Discover Overview

Drive Engagement. Create Purchase Intent. Deepen Brand Loyalty. Expedite Checkout at Point of Sale.

How It Works

Digimarc IDs can’t be detected by the human eye, and can be embedded into all kinds of media — packaging, retail signage, circulars, catalogs, in-store audio, etc. — to create an imperceptible connection with interactive, online content. Readers can't see the digital watermarks that power a Digimarc ID, but they are easily detected by our smartphone cameras. Unlike barcodes and tags, Digimarc IDs do not occupy valuable space on the page nor do they negatively impact the layout or design aesthetics.

The Digimarc® Barcode

The Digimarc® Barcode significantly improves checkout scanning speed while enabling unprecedented in-store mobile engagement. Digital watermarks are an imperceptible pattern that can contain the same GTIN data currently carried in the product’s UPC code and is invisibly repeated multiple times over the entire package. This means that checkout clerks, as well as shoppers using self-checkout, can quickly pass packages over the POS scanner without having to first orient the barcode to the camera. This approach makes barcodes faster, more secure, more reliable and more versatile. For retailers, clerks no longer need to search for the UPC symbol, which means consumers speed through checkout lanes up to 40 percent faster. With no visibile marking, packaging aesthetics are also improved.

Many retailers have been making plans to upgrade laser scanners with better performing image-based scanners to support an expanded number of scanning symbologies and to make it possible to support more mobile and self-checkout options. Digital watermarking provides the superior performance retailers need to take full advantage of these upgrades, while lowering hardware investment and total cost of ownership.

For merchandisers, digital watermarking creates deeper engagement opportunities with mobile-enabled shoppers, item level traceability and freed real-estate on packaging. Brand authentication against imposters can also be enabled. For consumers, digital watermarking means less time waiting in checkout lines.

Enhanced Packaging

Packaging is a key touch point between brands and shoppers, but what if media-hungry consumers want more than the package delivers? Consider the following:

  • 82% of smartphone owners use their phone in-store.
  • More than half of all consumers are already using a mobile device to perform shopping-related tasks like barcode scanning, price comparison, checking product reviews, and accessing coupons and deals.*

Enhanced packaging and retail signage using digital watermarks instantly links consumers via their smartphones to product information, multimedia content, in-store offers and more. The Digimarc® Discover platform gives brands the tools to build brand awareness and loyalty, differentiate products on the shelf and instantly engage customers at the point-of-purchase. With a simple scan of their smartphone, instant access to helpful information to aid in their shopping journey, including product information, special offers, recommendations, reviews, recipes, and more. This enables retailers and merchandisers to engage with consumers, and collect important customer preference data to better serve customers.

Digimarc Discover offers an easy way to embed and test the concept of a digital watermark in packaging to facilitate mobile engagement. You can embed watermarks into print and audio content through our Digimarc® Discover ID Manager or by using the Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in. For digital watermark detection via a point-of-sale scanner, please contact us for more information on how this solution can improve checkout time by 40% or more.

You can direct shoppers to download the free Digimarc Discover app (also available as a branded app) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play, or you can build your own custom app using our software development kit (SDK).

Experience it for yourself

*Google study, “Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & the Mobile Marketer,” 16 June 2011; “A Mobile Shopper Research Study,” Leo Burnett & Arc Worldwide, 2011.