Digimarc® Discover Pricing

Earn lower prices! The more Digimarc IDs purchased over time, the lower the price. If more than ten have been purchased over the life of an account, the price is $20.00 per Digimarc ID. If more than 500 purchased, the price per Digimarc ID is $10.00.

Total Digimarc IDs Purchased to Date Price per Digimarc ID
Up to 10 $25.00
11 - 100 $20.00
101 - 500 $15.00
501 - 1,000 $10.00
1,001 - 5,000 $8.00
5,001 - 10,000 $5.00
10,001 - 50,000 $3.50
Over 50,000 Call for Quote



Pricing information for the Digimarc® Discover Online Services Portal.

Digimarc provides an easy, affordable way for publishers, content owners, audio engineers, agencies, marketers and others to use the embedding software and set up a mobile service. Anyone can go to www.digimarc.com/portal, set up a free account, create a project and start embedding watermarks immediately. Digimarc offers a software plug-in for higher volume embedding

Standard Pricing

Digimarc® IDs start at $25.00 and cost less as more are purchased (see table to the right). Each Digimarc ID can be embedded into either an image (including custom design elements and text blocks) or audio file via the Digimarc Discover Online Services Portal.

Digimarc IDs can be used for a period of one year following the purchase date and can be de-activated (or "paused") at any time during that year.

All purchases made in the past two years will be credited to an account's total. How many Digimarc IDs purchased to date may be viewed in the Account Settings section of the Online Services Portal. For example, if 250 (of any service duration) were purchased in the previous two years, the price would be $15.00 per new Digimarc ID (previously the price would have been $44.99 for a 1-year Digimarc ID).

Invoice Pricing

For larger volume customers using the technology regularly, business accounts with monthly invoicing can be arranged. The minimum amount for monthly billing is $3,000 in service fees per month.

Custom Pricing

We understand you may have an exciting opportunity that does not fit our standard model. Please contact us to discuss custom pricing for your project.


In addition to the Digimarc Discover mobile applications downloadable from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market, Digimarc offers licensing of its software developer kit (SDK).