Digital Watermarks in Magazines:
2012 Traction Report

With Digimarc® Discover, navigating between print and online content has never been easier. Readers need only point their smartphone or tablet at a digitally watermarked image, graphic element or text — rather than an obnoxious QR code — to be instantly connected to related online experiences. The magazine industry's adoption of Digimarc Discover technology has taken off, and reader engagement levels with digitally watermarked content has experienced impressive growth in 2012.

The first-ever Digimarc Traction Report offers compelling data for publishers looking to grow their readership and advertising by capturing the print-to-mobile content that most resonates with readers.

Report highlights include

  • The number of digital watermarks placed in magazine editorial and advertising content grew 486% from 2011 to 2012
  • The number of magazine titles using digital watermarking grew by 300%, resulting in an addressable circulation of over 37 million readers
  • Shopping, Video and Sweepstakes were the most popular scan incentives

The traction report also highlights healthy growth for the Digimarc Discover platform

  • Total scans of watermarked content in magazines grew to over 1.6 million
  • The Digimarc Discover app experienced a 175% increase in the number of downloads
  • 12 magazines introduced or updated their existing mobile apps to include the ability to scan Digimarc digital watermarks


Easily share essential data visualization from the traction report! Click the image below for the full size version.

Infographic from Digimarc's 'Digital Watermarks in Magazines: 2012 Traction Report'