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Every day consumers encounter content in packagingmagazines, newspapers, signage, displaysbrochuresmusic, movies and TV shows that they want to learn more about, interact with and share with friends. What they lack, however, is a quick and easy way of discovering additional relevant content without having to search for it.

With digital watermarking, all types of media — images, printed materials, audio and video — can be given a unique digital identity that functions like a hidden serial number or an imperceptible barcode. Digital watermarks make it possible for computers, networks and mobile devices to instantly "recognize" content and link it to relevant web-based experiences so that consumers can interact with any media they come across in their daily lives, whenever and wherever they encounter it.

New Business Models, New Levels of Consumer Engagement

Demand for compelling content is exploding, and consumers expect to be able to access it and engage with it on a range of devices — smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. As more and more content is distributed digitally, content owners need an effective means of identifying it, tracking it and controlling how, where and when it is used.

The Digimarc® Discover platform uses multiple content identification technologies — print and audio watermark detection, QR and barcode reading — to give smartphones the ability to see, hear and engage with different forms of media. Consumers simply launch an app and point their phone at the Digimarc-enabled item they are interested in. Digimarc Discover then delivers the corresponding options back to the phone.

Whether you call it ubiquitous, pervasive or intuitive computing, one thing is certain: the power of computing is being seamlessly integrated into our lives. Digimarc is enabling this movement by:

  • Giving unique digital identities to all forms of media content — print, audio, video and even certain objects. The embedded data is imperceptible to human senses, but quickly recognized by computers and networks.
  • Enabling easy detection of digital watermarks using common digital devices like our mobile phones.