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Creative agencies, mobile marketers, system integrators and others can profit by teaming with Digimarc.

Digimarc® Discover is transforming media by seamlessly connecting the offline world of print and audio with the online world using digital watermarking technology, with digital watermarks are gracing the pages of many notable publications. Digimarc Discover technology has also demonstrated a significant increase in speed through retail checkout.

The Digimarc Discover platform provides all the required tools for self-service enhancement of print and audio. However, opportunities exist for creative agencies, mobile marketers, system integrators and others to both add value and earn money from becoming a Digimarc Discover Value-Added Service Provider.

Currently, the platform includes the following components:

  • Digimarc Discover Mobile Applications
    Free, downloadable apps on iTunes App Store and Google Play.
  • Digimarc® Discover ID Manager
    A web-based service where customers are able to upload an image or audio file and embed a unique Digimarc ID, enter in the URL the image or audio file should link to, and view activity reports.
  • Digimarc Discover Routing and Reporting System
    A backend database which connects the digital ID from the watermark to the corresponding consumer experience which is returned to the user's smartphone. Each interaction with digitally watermarked content is captured for reporting purposes accessible via the Online Services Portal.

We are actively seeking Value Added Service Providers who have solid reputations in established market segments, and who can augment our patented digital watermarking technology with a variety of services that are required for successful print-to-mobile campaigns, including:

  • Mobile application development
  • Creative content development to guarantee engaging, mobile-optimized experiences
  • Consulting services to provide training and deployment assistance for large programs
  • High volume watermarking services
  • Workflow analysis and integration services
  • Additional campaign management solutions
  • Foreign language support and localization services

Value-added Service Provider Participant Benefits

  • Access to Software Development Kits (SDKs) to create iOS and Android mobile applications branded for your company or your customers. Digimarc Discover may also be incorporated into existing mobile applications as a feature.
  • Ability to participate in early beta programs, provide input on future development efforts and receive updates on planned product roadmaps.
  • APIs to the Digimarc Backend Resolver to create custom user interfaces with a range of campaign management and reporting capabilities.
  • Joint marketing and promotional opportunities, including being featured on the Digimarc website, joint speaking opportunities, event participation, and more.
  • Marketing and educational materials developed by Digimarc.
  • Ongoing training and sharing of market information and campaign results. As Digimarc gathers data on the various campaigns being conducted, we will summarize and forward the results and details.
  • Leads and referrals may be provided to Service Providers as Digimarc receives inquiries for additional products, services, consulting and support.

At Digimarc, we are committed to supporting our service providers as we jointly pursue this rapidly changing and growing market together. If you are interested learning more, please contact us today via the following form or calling toll free at +1 800 344 4627 ext 4644.

Value-Added Service Provider Inquiry Form

This form is only for people interested in learning more about becoming a value-added service provider. The general contact form should be used for all other inquiries.