Value-Added Service Provider Program FAQ

These FAQs were updated June 2, 2014.

Can a Value-Added Service Provider ("VASP") get an exclusive license by industry or geographical location?

We do not grant exclusive licenses.

What is the fee to become a VASP?

There is no fee to become a VASP.

What is the pricing for VASPs?

Pricing is set by a quarterly flat fee, which depends on the scope of operations of the VASP. Prices generally vary based on use.

What is the pricing for customers if they use the Digimarc® Discover ID Manager directly?

The amount paid is determined by the amount of Digimarc IDs purchased over time. For example, if more than ten Digimarc IDs have been purchased over the life of an account, the price is $20.00 per Digimarc ID. If more than five hundred Digimarc IDs have been purchased, the price is $10.00 per Digimarc ID. Digimarc IDs can be used for a period of one year following the purchase date. There is no price differentiation between print and audio Digimarc IDs. Please refer to the pricing page for further information.

Do you have a custom branded reader application available?

Digimarc may license SDKs to create white label mobile watermark reading mobile device applications for iOS and Android. The mobile watermark reading feature can also be easily incorporated into existing mobile device applications. Digimarc may also create white label mobile device applications on behalf of customers. Standard support fees are waived for Value-Added Service Providers.