Digimarc Corporation, ready to serve the government.

Digimarc is the world leader in production digital watermarking, research and development. It has delivered programs and technologies that apply digital watermarks to still images, full motion video, broadcast, and print. Projects range from capabilities that identify photographers' property on the Internet to broadcast tracking to maintaining correlation of unmanned systems' full motion video.

For the past 16 years, Digimarc has succeeded in researching, developing and delivering products and capabilities for commercial and government customers. Its technologies and solutions have been delivered and implemented globally. We are ready to leverage our experience, capabilities and research catalog to government initiatives addressing complex security, tracking, tracing, identification, authentication and linking projects that can benefit from our knowledge and success.

Counterfeit Deterrence Systems

In addition to solutions touched upon above, Digimarc works with a consortium of leading central banks to develop a global system. This system deters the use of personal devices to create unauthorized digital copies of banknotes.

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