Digimarc® Guardian

Leading the market in anti-piracy protection for publishers and authors.

Digimarc is the global leader in protecting books, publications and documents from the threat of digital piracy. Our service finds and removes pirated content across the web to protect publisher revenues and author rights through an integration takedown process that delivers high removal rates across various website types.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce & Remove Piracy — Cleans out residual piracy, crawls regularly to reduce re-uploading, and auto prioritizes titles based on piracy level.
  • Protects Sales Revenue — Finds & removes content, reduces visibility of pirated content on popular search engines, makes it easier to buy than pirate.
  • Demonstrates Commitment To Authors — Full content coverage, help retain & acquire authors, direct infringement submission.
  • Cost effective — Highly automated, global, & years of experience.
  • Provides Discrete Service — 24/7 monitoring, 2 level human validation, protects reputation, & content.
  • Provides Evidence For Litigation Proceedings — Detailed reporting at all levels, experienced industry knowledge experts, and working relationship with publishing associations.
  • Strong Reputation — Hundreds of customers, years of experience, focuses on piracy & protection, Digimarc publically traded since 1999

Digimarc Customers

We represent a wide array of publishing companies, both large and small. We understand the specific needs of various publisher types and work to tailor our service to meet unique needs. Most importantly we deliver results. Some of our clients include; Simon & Schuster, Reed Elsevier, Independent Publishers Guild, Pottermore, Harper Collins, Scholastic, Random House, Rosetta Books and many more.

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Digimarc Guardian Disrupts Piracy Distribution

Next Steps

For more information on Digimarc Guardian's features & benefits please email us at guardian@digimarc.com.