Digimarc® Discover Pricing

Digimarc-enable any consumer touchpoint easily and affordably.

Our pricing model is simple. You pay per Digimarc® ID and the more you buy over the life of your account, the lower your price becomes. Digimarc IDs stay active for one year after purchase and can be extended for an additional year at half off your current pricing level.

The price paid for each Digimarc ID is determined by the total number of IDs purchased to date. The more you use; the less you pay. For example, if you purchased 250 Digimarc IDs, the price per new Digimarc ID would be $15.00.

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Total Print / Audio Digimarc IDs Purchased to Date Annual Price per Digimarc ID
Up to 10 $25.00
11-100 $20.00
101-500 $15.00
501-1,000 $10.00
1,001-5,000 $8.00
5,001-10,000 $5.00
10,001-50,000 $3.50
Over 50,000 Contact Us

Digimarc® Barcode Pricing

Due to the unique characteristics and complexities of product packaging, package encoding and quality validation is handled by Digimarc Professional Services.

The initial setup fee for the encoding service is $300 per Digimarc Barcode, which includes one year of activation. The annual renewal fee for each Digimarc Barcode is $50. Redesigns of a package may require an additional fee.

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Invoice pricing

If your monthly billing exceeds $3,000 in Digimarc service fees, we can arrange a business account with monthly invoicing.

Custom pricing

If you have an exciting opportunity that does not fit our standard model, contact us to discuss custom pricing.