Finally, one solution to drive mobile shopper engagement at every print, audio, video and packaging touchpoint along the shopper’s journey.

Start with a Digimarc® ID

Embedded into print, audio or packaging, a Digimarc IDs trigger branded experiences on your customers’ mobile devices. Imperceptible to humans, they bring a wealth of new benefits to retailers, brands and customers throughout the shopper’s journey.

What can I Digimarc-enable?

Start with a Digimarc IDStart with a Digimarc ID

Digimarc IDs easily integrate into your branding.


A Digimarc ID is imperceptibly embedded into your shopper marketing materials.



Shoppers scan the Digimarc-enabled materials with their mobile devices.


Shoppers are instantly connected to engaging mobile web experiences.

Measure Results


Each shopper’s interaction is measured for reporting purposes.

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Shopper's Journey

See how Digimarc-enabled shopper marketing materials build brand awareness and loyalty, differentiate products on the shelf, and engage shoppers at the point of inspiration.

Faster checkout

The Digimarc® Barcode can reduce your operating costs by dramatically improving POS scanning speed.

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Invested in your success

Creating new business models and customer connections with today’s retailers and brands.

Work with Digimarc

Ford Inspires New Buyers with Digimarc

Find out how the global brand infuses its brochures with the excitement of a Mustang test drive.

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Getting Started Guide

We've put together a companion piece specifically for retailers and brands looking to get started with Digimarc® Discover.

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