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Digimarc is a product and innovation focused company.

Possibly you only know Digimarc from our Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in or our print-to-mobile solutions — but first and foremost Digimarc is a technology company. For more than fifteen years, Digimarc's large R&D team has been leveraging our expertise in signal processing, communication theory, color science and print to advance technology.

  • Digimarc has over 900 issued US and foreign patents.
  • Engineers represent 70% of Digimarc's staff.

Since our founding, Digimarc has had a vision which is now shared with many other technology companies: intuitive, pervasive computing — a world where the power of computers is seamlessly woven into everything you do.

Digimarc's core technology of digital watermarking is a key enabler for this vision as it can give a digital identity to all forms of media content, and even certain objects — an ID that computers or digital devices like our mobile phones can see and hear, but humans cannot. This vision is starting to take hold in very real and tangible ways, especially with Digimarc® Discover.

Seeking great minds

To keep pace with our thriving industry, we're always on the look out for talented individuals who can help us better serve our customers and grow our business. If you are looking for a challenging, rewarding position at a world class technology company, please review our career listings.

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