About Digital Watermarking

Learn how a digital watermark works.

Imperceptible to human senses, Digimarc’s digital watermarking technology allows users to embed digital information into audio, images, video and printed materials in a way that is persistent, imperceptible and easily detected by computers and digital devices.

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Digital watermarking enables a variety of applications.

Add Interactive Mobile Experiences to Print and Audio Content

The Digimarc® Discover ID Manager embeds imperceptible digital watermarks into images or audio clips without additional software. Detectable by today's most popular mobile devices — your digitally watermarked content will deliver a wide range of new, rich media experiences to readers and consumers of your content.

Protect, Identify and Track Your Photos and Artwork Online

A separate solution, Digimarc® for Images adds a persistent, yet imperceptible digital watermark to your images to communicate your copyright ownership and help locate where they are used online.

Authenticate Content and Objects

Digimarc technology helps companies and inspectors who need to verify that content is genuine, and from an authorized source, as well as confirm that it has not been altered or falsified. The presence and/or the continuity of a digital watermark can quickly help determine whether or not the content has been altered. Additionally, digital watermarks add yet another layer of security to encrypted content in order to protect your assets and help identify the source of leaks.

Monitor Broadcasts and Internet Distribution

All broadcast television in the US is already embedded with a unique digital identifier which contains distributor and/or date and time information. Detectors are placed in major markets where broadcasts are received and processed. The digital watermark is decoded and used to reference a database, resulting in reports to the owner or distributor that the content has aired in a given market, at a specific time, and that it was played in its entirety. Additional information can be provided, including usage and license compliance, advertising clearance verification, and detection of unauthorized use.

Manage Digital Rights

With Digimarc technology, digital rights management (DRM) systems can connect content (images, music, video) outside the DRM back to the DRM, such as linking the content to usage rules, billing information, and other critical metadata.

Deter Counterfeiting and Piracy

Digital watermarks allow information about the owner, usage rights and more to be permanently attached to the content. The technology also provides the means to embed copy and play control instructions that indicate when play is not allowed and/or that copies can or cannot be made.

Ensure Document Security

Digital watermarking helps securely identify important records and banknotes, adding an invisible layer of protection against unauthorized alterations or reproduction.

Steganography and Digital Watermarking

Steganography (literally "covered writing") is a technique designed to secure a message for transit by hiding that message within another object so that the message is concealed to everyone but the intended recipient.