Digimarc Technology In The News

| Oct 20, 2008

Prime Technology Ventures and Philips Arrange for Successful Spin-out of World Leading Content Identification Services Based on Digital Watermarking Technologies: Civolution B.V.

by OakTree Digital | Oct 20, 2008

The company formerly known as Philips Content Identification, a leader in content identification services and technologies based on digital audio and video fingerprinting and watermarking announced the completion of its spin-out from Philips Corporate Technologies. The company will operate under the new brand name Civolution. The spin-out includes Teletrax, the world's first global broadcast intelligence company and former joint-venture of Philips and Medialink.

Civolution offers complete end-to-end solutions in content identification, managing and monetization services to content owners and distributors. As a new and independent company, Civolution is well positioned to anticipate and respond to the needs of the dynamic market of the digital content industry. The spin-out allows Civolution the flexibility to take new strategic directions beyond the current scope of Philips and to and to focus fully on meeting market demands as they evolve.