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Beneath the Brand | Jun 29, 2011

Can Mobile Save Print?

by OakTree Digital | Jun 29, 2011

Can Mobile Save Print?

As recently as this past May, and as long ago as the days of the TV boom in the early 1950s, we've heard predictions of print's demise. Even the Washington Post's own Howard Kurtz wrote about "The Death of Print" as a "result of history and public indifference."

[A] technology offering new promise for print is Digimarc's content recognition system. This involves invisible digital watermarks placed in text or images, only visible to the phone, that open up a world of added content possibilities. Imagine scanning over an image or perhaps a news text, printed in hyperlink blue, that generates supplemental content and value-added offers and information. Some publications have tested the program with specifically marked images and content, while others have identified the entire publication as digitally watermarked, offering endless engagement opportunities with readers of content and advertisements alike. Digimarc’s technology extends beyond print and also covers music and video signals as well.

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