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UTalk Marketing | Aug 08, 2011

Why Integrating Print and the Digital World Gives Marketers a Stronger Campaign

by OakTree Digital | Aug 08, 2011

The introduction of new technologies, such as apps for phones and QR codes, mean that the way consumers interact with brands is changing and it is these technologies that are opening up a wealth of opportunities for the savvy marketer to keep ahead of the competition. Indeed, evolving technology can aid marketers in a variety of ways, from improving their targeting of prospects, to aiding customer engagement and evaluating campaigns.

An important example of this is interactive mail, which was recently launched by our Door to Door unit. It uses digital watermarking technology to enable consumers to simply scan an image in their post with their 3G phone to be taken to a company’s online content – a website, video or Facebook page - in seconds. It could be a video of a chef preparing the consumer’s favourite meal or longed for holiday destination.

Without the need for bar or QR codes, the digital watermark can be easily embedded into the existing pictures on leaflets and mailings. No special inks or changes to the printing process are required, making it straightforward and very cost effective.

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