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Mesa Alliance | Jeff Berman May 16, 2017

Digimarc CEO: Company Continues to Eye ‘Significant Growth Opportunity’

by May 16, 2017

As the Digimarc Barcode and Discover platforms continue to expand, the company sees a “significant growth opportunity,” according to Digimarc CEO and chairman Bruce Davis.

Digimarc has “new revenue streams that are growing, but not yet material” to the company’s overall business, he told the Needham & Company Emerging Technology Conference in New York May 16.

The company, which he said has about $56 million in cash on hand and no debt, raised some capital in August to meet demand in overseas markets, he said, noting the company opened an office in Cologne, Germany, and is also working in Japan to launch Digimarc Barcode in those countries.

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