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PACCOR | Dec 18, 2019

PACCOR Joins Digimarc Partner Program to Build Circular Economy

by Dec 18, 2019

PACCOR, a leading supplier of sustainable plastic packaging solutions for consumer, food service, food and non-food markets, is pleased to announce its global partnership with Digimarc towards the deployment of digital watermarks to improve the sorting of plastics. PACCOR recently demonstrated the first Digimarc Barcode-enabled clear PET thermoform tray during the triennial K-2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

By integrating a subtle Digimarc Barcode into a plastic mould, each plastic object obtained from the mould carries a “digital recycling passport.” Virtually unlimited data can be linked to the object, such as manufacturer, product SKU, prior use such as food versus non-food, and the plastic composition. The Barcode also makes possible the detection of opaque, carbon-black and other difficult-to-recycle objects, increasing both the quantity and quality of recyclates needed to meet regulatory requirements and corporate pledges.

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