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Progressive Grocer | Mike Troy and Abby Kleckler Jan 14, 2020

NRF Day 3: Parting Thoughts From the Big Show

by Jan 14, 2020

Long-term thinking: Sustainability and transparency are topics retailers speak of often and many of the solutions presented at NRF enable companies to achieve initiatives in both areas. “We have to make the 2020’s the decade of transparency,” said Niels Stenfeldt, CEO of Stibo Systems, a Denmark-based master data management company. “Transparency leads us to truth and allows companies to do the right thing as opposed to the least wrong thing.” The right thing often means reducing waste, a key area of emphasis at Digimarc. The company continues to find new use cases for its digital watermark technology with the latest being fresh product labels that improve product dating, waste reduction and recall execution. VP of Marketing Heidi Dethloff also described a use case that involves the sorting of plastics for more efficient recycling.

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