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Packaging Gateway | Jessica Paige Feb 17, 2020

P&G announces “significant advancements” towards 2030 sustainability goals

by Feb 17, 2020

P&G brands Lenor, Unstoppables, and Fairy will be the first commercial brands to implement P&G-led recycling project HolyGrail intelligent packaging in Europe. HolyGrail, formed in 2017, was created to tackle sorting issues at recycling facilities by creating digital watermarks visible to optical scanners. Unstoppables and Lenor scent boosters will be the first P&G product to implement HolyGrail digital watermarks by October 2020. Fairy will be the second brand in Europe and the first in the UK to use HolyGrail intelligent packaging.

P&G fabric care Europe vice-president Volker Kuhn said: “We are very proud that our Lenor and Unstoppables will be the first P&G brands to integrate HolyGrail digital watermarks into their scent booster packaging. This early adoption can further accelerate the learnings behind improved sorting at recycling facilities.”

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