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Retail Info Systems | Jamie Grill-Goodman Mar 20, 2020

A Fresh Perspective on Grocery Shrink

by Mar 20, 2020

For grocers, operational shrink is an issue that is cutting into profits and contributing to food waste, while consumers are growing more concerned about sustainability. In the U.S. alone, food waste is estimated at between 30-40% of the food supply. Currently, the grocery industry mainly relies on inventory management solutions to curb fresh food waste.

One interesting new way to engage shoppers who are concerned about sustainability is to offer discounts on expiring food that may otherwise be wasted. Solutions that enable grocers to encode data such as sell-by-dates into labels can help grocers automate a dynamic discounting program, such as this.

To get to the bottom of this complex issue, RIS interviewed Digimarc’s VP of Marketing Heidi Dethloff to discuss how fresh foods impact grocery shrink and what Digimarc is doing to help.

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