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Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery | Sep 23, 2020

Snack and bakery packaging materials offer better sustainability and extended shelf life

by Sep 23, 2020

Digimarc Corp., Beaverton, OR, offers an alternative packaging material solution. The Digimarc Barcode can replace traditional UPC/EAN barcodes and two-dimensional alternatives such as DataMatrix and QR codes, which are highly visible and require dedicated design space, limiting their use to just one instance per package. “By comparison, the low contrast of the Digimarc Barcode makes it imperceptible to consumers. This allows for repeating the code many times across a package,” says Scott Wilcox, vice president, client services.

The Digimarc Barcode makes use of more of the package or label, even when the material is damaged, curved, multi-sided, or distorted. “Digimarc supports the batch-, lot-, and item-level traceability required of complex supply chains, by applying serialized or custom identifiers to product packaging with variable data printing,” Wilcox adds.

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