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Retail TouchPoints | Nicole Silberstein May 24, 2022

Patagonia’s Newest Mission: Replacing Single-Use Packaging with Technology

by May 24, 2022

“One of our main goals a couple years back was to get all of the plastic out of our packaging,” she said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “That little swift tack was a big push for us. We partnered with one of our factories in India to gather all the leftover organic cotton scrap and turn that into string, and that’s what’s holding our hang tags at retail now, and even some of our other packaging.” Earlier this year, the company also unveiled a new initiative with Living Ink Technologies to use algae-based ink (more sustainable because it’s carbon neutral and renewable) on its hang tags.

These changes may seem small, but they can have a surprisingly large impact, as evidenced by the company’s latest initiative: to digitize its hang tags in partnership with EVRYTHNG, a Digimarc company. Patrick estimates that by replacing the multi-card hang tags the company had been using with ones featuring QR codes, Patagonia will divert 174,000 pounds of paper waste from landfills, or as Patrick describes it, “the equivalent of the weight of a spaceship.”

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