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CleanTechnica | Johnna Crider Aug 16, 2020

Procter & Gamble Plans To Go 100% Recyclable By 2030

by Aug 16, 2020

P&G wants to make sure that recycled goods are sorted accurately so that plastics can be included in the circular economy with a much higher reuse quality. One way it is doing this is through its HolyGrail initiative. This is a type of “intelligent packaging” that has won a few awards. Lenor, Unstoppables, and Fairy brands will be the first to use this type of packaging in Europe. The packages are imprinted with a digital watermark, known as a Digimarc Barcode, which is invisible to the human eye.

De Belder explained why this is important: “Consumers will be able to just scan the pack with their mobile phones, and immediately have all the information they need in order to properly recycle the packaging. HolyGrail opens up a completely new era of thinking in terms of sorting.” This helps the consumer become more receptive to the idea of recycling while empowering them. “This technology has delivered some positive news for packaging after several years of plastic-bashing.

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