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Verstraete | Jan 26, 2021

Simplifying plastic recycling for a sustainable future

by Jan 26, 2021

“But achieving this goal requires a shift in focus: plastics need to be designed to be recycled, right from the get-go. This is where HolyGrail 2.0 comes in. It’s a global initiative that encourages manufacturers to switch to packaging with digital watermarks, enabling simpler and more efficient recycling. Orkla, a leading supplier of branded consumer goods in Europe and India, has stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge.”

"We have ambitious sustainability targets by 2025, including sustainable packaging," explains Pavel Komurka, Packaging Innovation and Sustainability Coordinator at Orkla. "Now is the time for exploration, innovation and overhauling our methods of recycling. Not only do we need to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging - without generating more food waste - we also need to ensure that plastic packaging is not just theoretically recyclable, but actually being recycled. Bringing in Digimarc barcodes is a huge step towards achieving this goal."

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