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At this year’s Adobe MAX we demonstrated how Digimarc technology can transform any media—even apparel—into a "connected design."

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“As a designer, I’m focused on the nexus of design, fashion and technology. Digimarc gives me the tools I need to add digital connectivity to my creations.” – Edward Harber, Designer of the Nike Swift Suit

A Universe of Connected Designs

Designers are always looking for ways to expand and connect with the world. We understand this so we created a “connected universe” in the booth where nearly any design you can imagine—on nearly any object or media—can have an imperceptible, digital code consumers can digitally interact with.


Digital Dresses

We showcased two connected dresses designed by former Nike designer Edward Harber. The dresses were made with fabric enhanced with Digimarc, connecting consumers with manufacturing information and additional styling options.

Smart Sport Jerseys

We displayed digital athletic jerseys with logo patches, player names and numbers from Avery Dennison, all of which had an imperceptible Digimarc code that could be scanned with a consumer phone to deliver an endless variety of web experiences.

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Connected Stickers

We created a series of unique stickers each with a Digimarc code. Booth visitors chose a sticker design and added a personalized web payoff to make every design a personalized, connected design.

Get a Sneak Peek of Design’s Future

At Adobe Max 2018 Digimarc introduced a revolutionary new design approach, an innovative merger of form and function resulting in machine-readable codes contained within new, mathematically-derived textures and patterns.

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Math & Art: A Love Story

Artists and designers have been using math principles for centuries. Find out why this matters to contemporary designers and artists and how this legacy—in the form of new technology—will shape the future of product packaging design, print advertising and all forms of digitally-interactive art.

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