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Getting Organized: How to Create the Connected Package [Webinar]

  • Dates: 08 – 08 Nov, 2017

GS1 US Mobile Scan™ includes the DWCode™, which enhances the customer experience in an increasingly technology-centric marketplace. It improves checkout efficiency, modernizes the supply chain and puts product information at a consumer's fingertips. Like any disruptive trend, the greatest barrier to adoption for brands is uncertainty about where and how to implement.

In this session, leading innovators from McCormick, Sun-Maid and Wegmans will share their experiences on getting started with GS1 US Mobile Scan and the DWCode. Our discussion will address organizational requirements, best practices for ensuring team alignment, key design considerations and content strategies for creating a memorable customer experience.

You’ll leave the webinar with the knowledge and confidence to take your packaging to the next level with DWCode.

Steve Schwartz, Manager of Store Operations, Wegmans
Michael Okoroafor, VP Global Sustainability and Packaging Innovation, McCormick
John Slinkard, VP Supply Chain Management, Sun-Maid
Rich Richardson, VP Standards Development, GS1 US

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