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| Nov 09, 2009

Digimarc for Images 4.0 Helps Enterprises Better Manage and Monitor Image Assets in the Digital Age

by User Not Found | Nov 09, 2009

New enterprise solution addresses top customer requests for effective image management and tracking on the Web

Beaverton, Ore. — November 9, 2009 — Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC) today announced the release of its new Digimarc for Images — Enterprise Edition, giving corporations, media companies, stock photo agencies, museums and archives, and others the ability to embed digital information into photos and images to communicate copyright ownership and help locate where the content is being used online.

The newest release of Digimarc for Images uses an innovative embedding technology to ensure the digital watermark placed into the image is imperceptible to the human eye, while detected and read by software, such as Adobe® Photoshop®, and a range of available readers. Technology enhancements also ensure a highly durable watermark that persists with the image as it is manipulated, transformed or converted from one file format to another, as well as copied, encrypted or decrypted, cropped, resized and more.

"Maintaining a truly imperceptible watermark in a digital image, while ensuring it is strong enough to survive more aggressive manipulations, was a challenge in earlier versions," stated Kevin Shields, senior product manager for Digimarc. "This new version delivers the robustness enhancements our customers have been asking for without sacrificing the quality of the viewing experience."

"Corbis has been a Digimarc customer for over 10 years and the ability to use Digimarc digital watermarking to identify the unauthorized use of a Corbis collection image is a cornerstone of our compliance efforts," said Claire Keeley, Corporate Attorney. "It helps us determine where and how images are being used unlawfully."

To support businesses and organizations with large volumes of images Digimarc offers several embedding solutions, such as a batch embedder for easily watermarking all images in a single folder, as well as a scripted embedder or software development kit to customize the solution to meet specific workflow requirements.

Digimarc for Images is currently being used by enterprises such as Airbus, Sony, Sprint, Time-Life, Microsoft, and others who rely on the solution to reliably communicate ownership information and usage rights to anyone who attempts to use the image online.

For a brief video demonstration of the new technology enhancements, visit:

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Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a provider of enabling technologies that create digital identities for all forms of media and many everyday objects that are imperceptible to humans, but not to computers. These technologies help computers to better process sensory data as the industry evolves toward more intuitive pervasive computing. For more information, please visit us at to learn more.

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