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| Feb 17, 2010

Use of Digimarc Technology Gains Momentum in Spain Market, Linking Printed Content to the Internet

by User Not Found | Feb 17, 2010

Digimarc and partner, aquaMobile, provide Spanish consumers with new, rich media experiences through their mobile phones

Beaverton, Ore. — February 17, 2010 — Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) today announced the use of its Digimarc Mobile technology in newspapers and product packaging is gaining momentum in the Spanish market, helping publishers and brands to engage consumers with rich new interactive experiences from print media and product labels using their mobile phones. Digimarc embeds digital watermarks into all forms of media content; the watermarks are imperceptible to consumers, but easily detected and read by computers, networks and digital devices such as mobile phones. The technology gives consumers access to breaking news, multimedia content and detailed product information, just by holding their camera phones over an article of interest in the publication or a product label.

Digimarc's partner, aquaMobile, now provides its Clic2C solution, based on Digimarc technology, to Anta Banderas, a winery co-owned by Antonio Banderas, and media firms Júbilo Group and Vocento Group. The Clic2C application, which is available to users at no charge, quickly decodes the embedded data which then presents readers with a range of exciting new content.

"Consumers can now use their mobile phones to access up-to-the-minute content — be it news or product related — that will instantly satisfy a desire for more information," stated Javier Gonzalez, Director General of aquaMobile. "Digimarc's technology is helping to lead the way to the future of information delivery and consumption by bridging printed content to the Internet."

Digital Watermarks and Clic2C in Action

Digital watermarks offer a similar experience to the 2D barcodes that have become very popular in countries like Japan; however, they are imperceptible to human senses and don't take up valuable real estate on the printed page. Watermarks are easily embedded into images using a plug-in for Adobe® PhotoShop® and can be quickly detected and read by a variety of devices, including mobile phones. "By digitally watermarking print publications and product labels, publishers and retailers can create a unique, highly engaging experience with what was once just a traditional piece of paper," said Jeri Owen, Digimarc vice president of marketing. "Providing consumers with a bridge between physical print and the Internet is a step forward in our vision for mobile phones becoming a 'seeing, hearing, and understanding' device that simplifies access to network services in everyday life."

Traditionally it's the smell and taste of wine that speaks to its drinker, but Anta Banderas believes that one's experience with wine can begin with the label. By embedding a digital watermark into each wine label, consumers can use Clic2C on their mobile phones to automatically connect to premium content from the winery, such as virtual tastings, videos, pairings and special promotions and invitations to tastings — even visits to the winery itself. Anta Banderas feels the interactive experience will improve consumer loyalty and help establish a direct dialog between the brand and its customers.

Looking to bring a new element to the printed page, media houses Júbilo Group and Vocento Group decided to incorporate digital watermarks into its print publications, giving its readers instant access to multimedia content through their mobile phones.

The most widely read newspaper in Extremadura is HOY, a Vocento Group property. Every day HOY, and its digital version, provides new rich media experiences to its readers with access to additional multimedia content related to the story or advertisement. The first two features in the publication to feature Digimarc Mobile technology include a guide to the "murgas" contest at the carnival in Badajoz and an update about information related to a marathon in Badajoz.

In addition, Vivir con Júbilo, a monthly magazine published by the Júbilo Group, is using digital watermarking technology and the Clic2C application to help readers connect to a variety of other media that's produced by the media group, such as radio programming, video news segments and photos from noteworthy social events.

About Digimarc

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a provider of enabling technologies that create digital identities for all forms of media and many everyday objects that are imperceptible to humans, but not to computers. These technologies help computers to better process sensory data as the industry evolves toward more intuitive and pervasive computing. For more information, please visit us at to learn more.

About aquaMobile and Clic2C

aquaMobile is a mobile value-added services provider established in 2006 and based in Spain. Founded by a group of reputable executives from some of the leading mobile content and services multinationals, consulting firms and mass media corporations, the company has built a groundbreaking technology called Clic2C, which makes printed materials interactive by embedding a digital watermark that is recognized by any approved mobile phone with a camera. It's as simple as downloading Clic2C onto the mobile phone and positioning the camera over the watermarked material to connect with the rich, new content (e.g. videos, sound, WAP pages, promotions, etc.).

aquaMobile is already working with some of the largest corporations in Spain to develop state-of-the-art mobile solutions that will make access to content and information from mobile handsets a lot easier and intuitive. The company is also focused on providing watermarking solutions for securing digital content and printed documents.

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