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| Jun 08, 2010

Digimarc Digital Watermarking Technology Integrates with Adobe® Scene7® to Improve Image Management

by User Not Found | Jun 08, 2010

Beaverton, Ore. — June 8, 2010 — Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) today announced the integration of its Digimarc for Images product with Adobe Scene7, the leading on-demand cross-media publishing platform. Digimarc for Images enables Adobe Scene7 customers to easily embed persistent computer readable information directly into their digital assets to improve image asset management by communicating content ownership and identifying where images are being used online.

"We are pleased to have Digimarc technology available for integration with Adobe Scene7 in response to numerous customer requests," said Jeri Owen, vice president of Marketing. "Our first joint customer to use the newly integrated solution is Nautilus®, who has been using Digimarc for Images with great success. The growing volume of images making their way on to the web makes it increasingly difficult for brand owners and other companies and organizations to monitor where their images are being used online, with or without their consent. Digimarc for Images offers an easy, cost effective way for companies like Nautilus to manage their digital assets."

"Knowing where and how images are being accessed on the Web is critical for organizations to effectively manage their digital assets and protect their brand," said Sheila Dahlgren, senior director of Product Marketing for Adobe Systems. "Digimarc for Images can provide our customers with valuable information about how their assets are being used — enhancing their ability to manage the use of their images, take any actions they deem appropriate when unauthorized use is discovered, and measure effectiveness of campaigns."

Digimarc for Images provides an easy, reliable way for image professionals, small businesses and large enterprises to protect their valuable photos and other image assets. The product's advanced Chroma technology enables highly robust, imperceptible embedded digital watermarks to persist with images such as digital photographs, illustrations, artwork and more through a variety of file manipulations and transformations without affecting the quality of the image or the enjoyment of its viewers. Digimarc also offers a Search Service that continuously crawls the Web looking for uniquely watermarked images and reporting where they were found. In partnership with ImageSpan™, content owners can also use LicenseStream™ to automatically license their content online or trigger their choice of remedies, such as issue "take down" notices or requests for attribution with a link back to the owner's web site.

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Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a leading innovator and provider of enabling technologies that create digital identities for all forms of media and many everyday objects. The embedded digital IDs are imperceptible to humans, but not to computers, networks and devices like mobile phones, which can now use cameras and microphones as sensory inputs to "see, hear and understand" the world around them within the context of their environment. Digimarc has built an extensive intellectual property portfolio with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media and object discovery to enable ubiquitous computing, and related technologies. Digimarc develops solutions, licenses its intellectual property, and provides development services to business partners across a range of industries. For more information, please visit