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| Jun 02, 2011

Delaware Court Dismisses Verance Declaratory Judgment Action Against Digimarc

by Jun 02, 2011

Beaverton, Ore. — June 2, 2011 — Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC) announced that earlier today the United States District Court for the District of Delaware granted a motion by Digimarc to dismiss the Declaratory Judgment action filed by Verance Corporation against Digimarc last September. For further details, see the Delaware District Court's Memorandum and Order, dated May 26, 2011, posted on Digimarc's website at

On December 6, 2010, Digimarc filed a breach of contract action against Verance in the United States District Court in Oregon. Digimarc alleges that Verance breached the license agreement by failing to make payments under the license when due. Digimarc has filed a motion for partial summary judgment that is currently pending before the Oregon Court and Verance has filed an Answer to Digimarc's Complaint.

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Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is a leading innovator and provider of enabling technologies that create digital identities for all forms of media and many everyday objects. The embedded digital IDs are imperceptible to humans, but not to computers, networks and devices like mobile phones, which can now use cameras and microphones as sensory inputs to "see, hear and understand" the world around them within the context of their environment. Digimarc has built an extensive intellectual property portfolio with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media and object discovery to enable ubiquitous computing, and related technologies. Digimarc develops solutions, licenses its intellectual property, and provides development services to business partners across a range of industries. For more information, please visit

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