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| Jan 10, 2017

Bizerba Adds Digimarc Barcode to Boost Business Efficiencies

by Geoff Karr | Jan 10, 2017

Integration of Digimarc technology leads to greater operational efficiency & positive impact on the entire retail experience

BEAVERTON, Ore. – January 10, 2016 – Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) today announced that Bizerba, the market-leading provider of weighing, slicing and labeling technology, has integrated Digimarc Barcode into its retail scale labels. The benefits of this innovative technology will include increased productivity at checkout, the reduction of barcode swapping, and improved customer engagement.

Digimarc Barcode is a unique data carrier that can be applied across the entire surface, including in the background of text areas. Thus, it can be incorporated into deli or bakery labels without taking up space like traditional barcodes. These Digimarc Barcodes support GS1 application identifiers such as price, weight and sell-by date commonly used with variable measure fresh food items like meat, cheese, seafood and prepared foods.

Digimarc Barcodes replace space-consuming DataBar codes, allowing retailers to easily transition to GS1 Application Identifiers without disrupting label designs or using additional label media. The space efficiency of Digimarc Barcodes can help retailers save money on label media costs, because they need to use less label printer paper each year. Use of Digimarc technology reduces read failures at checkout because Digimarc Barcodes can be scanned at any angle, and are not susceptible to tears, wrinkles, stains or smudges. And because Digimarc Barcodes can cover the entirety of printed labels, instances of fraud from label swapping are lessened considerably. Customers can also scan the labels with smartphones to access a wide range of potential content, such as cooking instructions, nutritional information and in-store coupons.

“We strive to create solutions that provide greater value for both retailers and customers,” said Rob Weisz, vice president, North America, at Bizerba. “The future of retail relies on companies like Bizerba taking advantage of ground-breaking technology that can positively impact the full retail experience. Digimarc Barcode is exactly the type of disruptive solution we’re excited to offer our customers, showcasing Bizerba’s commitment to innovation.”

“Digimarc Barcodes enable a vast range of applications, opening retailers to brand new avenues of productivity and engagement,” said Mark Belfiglio, vice president of sales, at Digimarc. “By partnering with us, Bizerba is offering a competitive edge for its customers, offering future-proof solutions that can drastically improve retail operations.”

Digimarc Barcodes will be available as an optional feature for Bizerba KH, KH II, XC and MC class system scales sold in North America. Learn more about Digimarc Barcode at

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is the inventor of Digimarc Discover® software and the imperceptible Digimarc Barcode for automatically identifying and interacting with virtually any media. Digimarc Discover software enables industrial scanners, smartphones, tablets and other computer interfaces to reliably, efficiently and economically identify traditional barcoded items, along with many other media objects. Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible to people and do all that visible barcodes do, but perform better. These remarkable capabilities have allowed Digimarc and its business partners to supply a wide range of patented consumer engagement, media management and security solutions across multiple consumer and government industry sectors. Digimarc owns an extensive intellectual property portfolio, with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media object discovery, and intuitive computing more generally. For more information and the latest news, please visit and follow on Twitter at @Digimarc.

About Bizerba:
Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics; a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. Bizerba’s complete portfolio spans a wide range of services from consulting and technical support to labels and consumables and leasing.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of slicing and weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as commercial and institutional foodservice including full-service restaurants and fast food sandwich shops, retailers, bakeries and butcheries. Family owned and headquartered in Balingen, Baden Wuerttemberg for five generations, with sales, service and production facilities located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, China and USA and around 3,700 employees, Bizerba continues its history of unmatched innovation.

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