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| Feb 21, 2017

Pre-Media & Package Executive Scott Wilcox Joins Digimarc as VP of Client Services

by Feb 21, 2017

Throughout his career Wilcox has worked with such Iconic Brands as Nike and Coca-Cola

BEAVERTON, Ore. – February 21, 2017 – The ongoing movement toward connected packaging continues to take shape across the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, and it received a significant boost recently with the appointment of product packaging veteran Scott Wilcox to the Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) executive team as vice president of client services.

Wilcox’s CPG expertise will serve as an important bridge between brands and Digimarc Barcode, helping brand managers utilize connected packaging to increase supply chain efficiencies and improve consumer engagement. Digimarc Barcode is a unique, imperceptible data carrier that permeates the entire surface of a package, and contains the same Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) information found in traditional UPC barcodes.

Wilcox has more than 25 years of experience in the graphic services industry and comes to Digimarc from sgsco, a leading global supplier of design-to-print brand development products and services. Most recently, he was vice president and business manager for several of sgsco’s largest CPG customers, including Diageo and MillerCoors. He started his career on the shop floor with sgsco and throughout his tenure earned leadership roles within operations, management, sales, and business development teams. His experience bringing ideas to market, along with understanding the needs of the supply chain and the perspective of brand owners, will help Digimarc expand its core business and apply Digimarc technology to address emerging business challenges.

“The proliferation of connected packaging is going to be here much quicker than people realize and there is great potential for Digimarc to help revolutionize the industry,” said Wilcox. “I’ve spent a lot of time with brand owners and their suppliers. They know they can be doing more with their packaging as it relates to consumer engagement and manufacturing and logistical efficiencies. Plus, there are also huge benefits for retailers. I look forward to leveraging my experience to help brands successfully navigate the rapidly changing business environment of connected packaging.”

“Scott joins Digimarc with a robust understanding of the unique packaging needs and opportunities for brands, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his many years at sgsco,” said Bruce Davis, chief executive officer at Digimarc. “He will be a strong asset for Digimarc thanks to his client-centric mindset and approach, and will create great value for both clients and the entire Digimarc team.”

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Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), based in Beaverton, Oregon, is the inventor of Digimarc Discover® software and the imperceptible Digimarc Barcode for automatically identifying and interacting with virtually any media. Digimarc Discover software enables industrial scanners, smartphones, tablets and other computer interfaces to reliably, efficiently and economically identify traditional barcoded items, along with many other media objects. Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible to people and do all that visible barcodes do, but perform better. These remarkable capabilities have allowed Digimarc and its business partners to supply a wide range of patented consumer engagement, media management and security solutions across multiple consumer and government industry sectors. Digimarc owns an extensive intellectual property portfolio, with patents in digital watermarking, content identification and management, media object discovery, and intuitive computing more generally. For more information and the latest news, please visit and follow on Twitter at @Digimarc.





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