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| Jun 05, 2018

Digimarc Quality Control Technology Integrated into GlobalVision Workflow

by Jun 05, 2018

Prepress agencies and printers can seamlessly manage Digimarc Barcode in their workflow

BEAVERTON, Ore. – June 5, 2018 – Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), inventor of the Intuitive Computing Platform (ICP™) featuring Digimarc Barcode, today previewed Digimarc Verify for GlobalVision at the 2018 EskoWorld conference (June 5-7) in San Antonio, Texas. Digimarc Verify is an additional inspection mode for the GlobalVision quality control platform.

GlobalVision offers Quality Control (QC) inspection software for packaging workflows. The company has now integrated Digimarc Verify quality control tools directly into GlobalVision’s software and it will be available in the marketplace later in 2018. This integration provides prepress operators and printers the ability to automatically confirm the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) in Digimarc Barcode matches the GTIN in the UPC or EAN barcode, saving operators time and making the QC process easier.

“The integration of Digimarc’s quality assurance tools directly in our platform will help our customers speed up their production process by streamlining all barcode checks,” said Reuben Malz, Founder and CEO, GlobalVision. “Digimarc Verify is critical because any errors printing Digimarc Barcode can now be caught early on to save money and time for our prepress customers.”

Digimarc Verify for GlobalVision is one piece of a larger set of Digimarc technologies designed to inspect digital content, proofs and printed sheets to validate and evaluate Digimarc Barcode implementation. Digimarc Verify is being offered across mobile (iOS and Android), desktop (MacOS and Windows) and in workflow packages, such as GlobalVision and Esko.

Today, Digimarc also announced the availability of Digimarc Verify for Esko Automation Engine, which is the leading workflow solution in the packaging industry. Digimarc plans to offer prepress and printer professionals the tools they need to manage quality and data integrity with Digimarc Barcode as the technology gains further industry momentum.

“We’re pleased to work with GlobalVision to ensure the best QC tools are available for Digimarc Barcode,” said Bruce Davis, CEO, Digimarc. “Integrating Digimarc Verify into GlobalVision will help operators save time and also ensure the quality of their clients’ packaging, while also enabling further industry adoption of Digimarc Barcode.”

Digimarc Barcode is an advanced, imperceptible code added to product packaging, retail labels, POP displays and print material. It is reliably and efficiently scanned by consumer phones, associate mobile devices and retail barcode scanners. Retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers benefit from easier checkout, improved consumer engagement and supply chain efficiencies.

The Digimarc Verify for GlobalVision technology preview will be showcased at 2018 EskoWorld PartnerZone in Digimarc’s Booth #6 and GlobalVision’s Booth #2.

About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is a pioneer in the automatic identification of everyday objects such as product packaging and virtually any media, including print, images, and audio. Based on the patented Intuitive Computing Platform (ICP™), Digimarc provides innovative and comprehensive automatic recognition technologies to simplify search, and transform information discovery through unparalleled reliability, efficiency and security. Digimarc has a global patent portfolio, which includes over 1,100 granted and pending patents. These innovations include state-of-the-art identification technology, Digimarc Barcode, as well as Digimarc Discover® software for barcode scanning and more. Digimarc is based in Beaverton, Oregon, with technologies deployed by major retailers and consumer brands, central banks, U.S. states, film companies and professional sports franchises, among others. Visit and follow us @digimarc to learn more about The Barcode of Everything™.

About GlobalVision
GlobalVision helps businesses eliminate errors on packaging by adding accuracy and speed to your quality control process with the ability to detect errors consistently and earlier. Our mission is to empower companies with technology that automates manual processes, saves time on quality checks, and ensures the quality of products you deliver. Quality control experts around the world use GlobalVision as their solution of choice to produce error-free packaging efficiently and on time. Contact us today to see how GlobalVision can help you preserve brand integrity.

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