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Deploy the industry-leading solution for protecting, deterring piracy and asserting ownership of your proprietary digital content, including copyrighted publications, eBooks and documents. Guardian® for Content combines imperceptible digital identifiers, automated web crawling, managed search services, and robust copyright enforcement tools.

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  • Claim your content by communicating ownership and copyright
  • Add an imperceptible identifier to individual files in real time
  • Process files locally, in the cloud or through your current platform


  • Identify content based on metadata or imperceptible identifiers
  • Track when and where your content is available online
  • Trace illicitly shared content back to the source


  • Automate high-volume takedown activity and compliance monitoring
  • Achieve a near-zero false positive rate with expert human verification
  • Eliminate infringing links from search result pages

Customer Stories

Harper Collins Publishers

HarperCollins Publishers relies on Guardian to protect some of its biggest titles. Read More

Rosetta Books

RosettaBooks grows revenue and adds titles by cracking down on online piracy. Read More


On-Demand Webinar: Data Driven Strategies for Preventing Book Piracy

Experts from HarperCollins, GiantSteps Media and Digimarc examine trends in book piracy and offer best practices for developing an effective anti-piracy program.

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Safeguarding Corporate Images

Need to protect your company’s images? Businesses, image asset owners and photo aggregators that require large-scale image protection will benefit from Guardian’s custom enterprise solutions featuring software, search and integration services for your existing platforms.

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Safety in Numbers

Digimarc Guardian protects content around the world. See our Global Piracy Heat Map and Infographic for the latest trends in global piracy. We’ve compiled proprietary data to show where piracy is most prevalent and which websites are the worst offenders.

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How does Guardian protect my content?

Guardian combines imperceptible digital identifiers, automated web crawling, managed search services, and robust copyright enforcement tools.

What document types are protected by Guardian for Content?

Guardian for Content provides universal content protection solutions for documents, publications and eBooks. Guardian’s premium managed search services can find virtually any file format on the web, and Guardian goes beyond other services by marking for identification the following file formats: .epub, .mobi and .pdf.

How much does Guardian for Content Cost?

Guardian for Content follows an enterprise licensing model that is based on the volume of documents being protected and the desired level of search and enforcement. For a quote, please contact us today and we can discuss your specific requirements.

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