Connect & Detect

Deploy the most comprehensive and cost-effective
solution for curbing digital piracy


  • Widespread application across images, print media and eBooks
  • Two phase machine and human validation of suspected piracy
  • Accurate detection with advanced digital and human verification


  • Maximize sales by identifying and avoiding problematic distribution channels
  • Quick takedown with integrated enforcement and automated notice
  • Far less expensive than popular in-house or outsourced approaches


  • Real-time reporting across geographies and languages
  • Detailed analytics for immediate and precise follow up
  • Robust API for integration into corporate reports and dashboards

Digimarc for Copyrights

Learn more about how Digimarc Guardian can protect your work from copyright infringement and online piracy. Choose a solution brief:

Digimarc Guardian Digimarc Guardian for Images Digimarc Guardian for E-Books


How does Digimarc® Guardian work?

Our Digimarc® Guardian solution embeds unique, imperceptible identifying data into individual e-book files in real-time, which are immediately available for customers.

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