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A Universe of Connected Designs

This is one in a series of video blogs highlighting the diverse range of applications for the Digimarc Platform. Look for more “Digimarc Platform in Action” blogs in the weeks to come.

Designers are always looking for ways to expand and connect with the world. Using the Digimarc Platform, designers can create a “connected universe” where a design on nearly any object or media easily and unobtrusively connects consumers to digital content.

Designers can add Digimarc to commercial print designs without interfering with aesthetics, turning designs into a connected experience that allows consumers to scan content on their phones. This is what you can do with a floor vinyl or a booth panel at a trade show, for example:

QUICK WATCH: 27 Seconds


At Adobe MAX 2019, Digimarc designers created a series of unique stickers with Digimarc. Booth visitors could choose a sticker design and add a personalized web payoff to make every design a personalized, connected design.

See how easy it is to create a connected, personalized print-to-digital experience.

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Find out how the Digimarc Platform for connected print can help designers, retailers, consumers brands, and publishers connect with consumers.





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