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Bridging the Omnichannel Gap Between Print & Web

This is one in a series of video blogs highlighting the diverse range of applications for the Digimarc Platform. Look for more “Digimarc Platform in Action” blogs in the weeks to come.

The Digimarc Platform for connected print delivers a powerful communications channel from print to web allowing companies to drive mobile commerce and support an omnichannel experience that meets consumers’ needs anytime and anywhere. Brochures, signage, catalogs, magazines and virtually any other at-home and in-store print materials can utilize the imperceptible Digimarc code to link shoppers to digital assets. This new application reinvigorates a once stale form of communication, developing greater engagement, improved insights, and more brand loyalty.

See how connected print powered by the Digimarc Platform in Homes & Land magazine instantly connects readers to more information about home listings, pricing information and beyond:

QUICK WATCH: 25 Seconds


Not only can the Digimarc Platform provide a gateway to more web content, it can also link directly to an ecommerce product page for easy and convenient transactions. See how this helped Walmart during the 2019 holiday season:

QUICK WATCH: 18 Seconds


Engage your sneakerheads with connected footwear boxes for access to certificates of authenticity, exclusive content, promotions, buying pages and more. Watch these connected footwear boxes linking to "Singles Day” content, a global online shopping phenomenon that originated in China:

QUICK WATCH: 14 Seconds


Find out how the Digimarc Platform for connected print can help retailers, consumers brands, and publishers to better engage their consumers.





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