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Fast, Efficient Print Production with Variable Data Printing

Optimizing print speed for variable data printing (VDP) is critical for today’s fast-paced, digital print production environment. There are a number of factors that slow down digital presses on VDP jobs, but the bottom line is inefficiency impacts the entire supply chain, and solutions that can overcome a lack of speed, are priceless.

Digimarc partner Global Graphics specializes in making print production as fast and efficient as possible. Their newly-updated guide, “Full Speed Ahead: How To Make Variable Data PDF Files that Won’t Slow Your Digital Press,” is an important industry resource, and just recently, Global Graphics released their updated, 2nd edition.

Digimarc provides additional functionality to Global Graphics’ extensive software platforms for printing and packaging, so we “sat down” with Martin Bailey, Distinguished Technologist at Global Graphics, to find out what’s new in the “Full Speed Ahead” guide.

Topics Explored:

  • Guide’s purpose and target audiences
  • Background on updates related to the standards PDF/X-6 and PDF/VT-3
  • Differences in the various VDP applications: traceability; trackability; and personalization
  • Recent improvements in DFE (digital front ends) technology that are enabling more advanced VDP

Viewing Time: 11 minutes


To download the free “Full Speed Ahead” guide, click here. You can also find out about Digimarc’s Supplier Bundles.





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