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How Digital Asset Management Supports Brand Strategy

Ecommerce sales have been surging during the pandemic and this development has had a number of unintended consequences, one of which is an uptick in the illegal usage of brand product and marketing images. Bad actors are increasingly using them for a variety of purposes, including to trick consumers into buying counterfeit products.

In today’s environment, a comprehensive brand protection strategy must include an effective digital asset management (DAM) strategy to manage images in order to preserve and protect the brand’s reputation. Long-time Digimarc partner Widen offers cloud-based digital asset management solutions to help brands catalog, govern, publish and analyze valuable content assets. We talked with Jamie Liechty, Partner Manager, Widen, and Devon Weston, Director of Client Management, Digimarc, to find out what they are seeing and hearing right now.

  1. Overview of current attacks against brands
  2. What keeps marketing leaders up at night
  3. Example of how one Widen client is coping
  4. How the Digimarc-Widen partnership helps organizations protect themselves

Viewing Time: 9 Minutes


Find out more about Widen’s DAM software or go to to read a case study.





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