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How Musicians & Bands Can Leverage Digimarc

Musicians today understand that having an active web and social presence is critical to building a strong fan base. One way of achieving this is to provide listeners and fans with a steady stream of music videos, live performances, band images and stories about the music and players.

Digimarc can support listener engagement by providing bands with a new channel to help fans “get closer” to the music. Digimarc is an inaudible digital identity that can easily be added to music tracks. When it is used in conjunction with an enabled app, a fan’s phone can “listen” to the music and open relevant digital content, such as a YouTube clip or a page of song lyrics.

Imagine this scenario: a fan is streaming a song, they open an app, and while listening, are taken directly to a website that details the inspiration for the song, the lyrics or even photos of the recording sessions. A fan does not need to do an online search, they just engage the app, and the content will be available on their phones.

Musicians can easily change the listener experience without making any change to the audio track itself. Just copy and paste in a new URL and the new content is immediately associated with the track.

How to Get Started

  1. Create an account with the Digimarc Barcode Manager
  2. Follow the instructions on purchasing and adding Digimarc to audio tracks.
  3. Decide what content you want the audio track to be linked to (video, band Facebook page, etc.)
  4. Test it out by downloading the free Digimarc Discover scanning app
  5. Add messaging to album covers, websites and other band marketing channels to alert fans to this technology. An example of how the Green Onions Band messaged the technology:

"This is an enhanced audio, so you will want to download a free app to enjoy the experience. Direct your mobile device to grant permission to access your microphone and camera, and let the app listen to the song through speakers to enjoy the additional experience. MP3 file size is 21.1 MB.”

Musicians should also speak to their record company contacts and make sure they are aware that Digimarc can also be used to convey ownership and authenticate songs. Digimarc’s partner companies have combined Digimarc with broadcast monitoring systems and blockchain technology to help rights holders get properly attributed and compensated. Share this link with your music publishers.

If you have questions, please request more information.





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