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Making Retail Digitally Advanced and Sustainable

We are now in the age of the digital retailer, where “smart stores” utilize sensor systems, the Internet of Things (ioT) and artificial intelligence to improve both operations and the customer experience. Along with the multiple upsides (faster checkout, data-driven insights, more accurate inventory, etc.), a digital store also has a bigger carbon footprint as more energy is required to power these digital systems.

The EHI Retail Institute in Germany recently published a white paper with support from Microsoft outlining some of the challenges, but also how cloud technologies and master data management systems, for example, can be utilized to reduce their carbon footprints and successfully monitor sustainability initiatives.

The paper also highlights how serialized Digimarc Barcode can help with traceability efforts, resulting in more efficient recalls and less manufacturing waste, plus how Digimarc on fresh product labels can help reduce food waste.

Download the white paper and also learn more about how Digimarc helps retailers and consumer brands with their sustainability efforts





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